Adult Education

Stay tuned for the 2019-20 Lineup, coming soon!

The 2018-19 year features a wide range of classes designed to deepen congregants' knowledge of Judaism and/or Jewish culture, provide opportunities to make and enhance connections with one another, and have fun. 

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Registration: For activities requiring RSVP and/or payment, CBE Members please complete the online registration form, or contact the office if you prefer.  Non-members are welcomecontact the office with any questions or to register.

Books: Most books for CBE adult classes can be purchased from Amazon. CBE receives a small advertising fee if you use the links on the CBE Amazon Page to make your purchase.

Judaism and the World Religions

Taught by Rabbi Michelle “Mina” Goldsmith
Wednesdays 12:00 PM-1:30 PM
Begins October 10, runs through May (Check calendar for exceptions)

Some of the most pressing issues of our day can be traced back to discord between adherents of various faiths.  In order to understand what is happening in the world we must understand the religions of our neighbors. 

In this course we will establish a basis for how to compare religions and then explore the similarities and differences between Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and more. Please note that we will not be comparing Judaism and Christianity as that was discussed in last year’s mini-course.

Fee: $36 CBE Members / $54 Non-Members (for the series) ; CBE Members please complete the online registration form, or contact the office if you prefer. Non-members are welcome; contact the office with any questions or to register.

Ten Paths to God

Taught by Rabbi Michelle “Mina” Goldsmith
Sundays, 12:00-1:30 PM CORRECTION: 10:30 am - 12:00 PM (see dates below)

This ten session course on Judaism, Jewish values, and Jewish identity is based on traditional Biblical and rabbinic sources combined with the teachings of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks. Topics include identity, prayer, study, mitzvoth, tzedakah, chessed (acts of loving-kindness), faith, Israel, Kiddush Ha-Shem (sanctification of God’s name), and responsibility.  Each session includes a brief video followed by text study as individuals, in hevruta (with one partner), and as a group.  

This course is perfect for beginning learners of Judaism, for those who haven’t studied Judaism in-depth since their own time in Hebrew school, and for those who have a broad base of Jewish knowledge.

Schedule: October 14 & 28, November 18, December 9, January 13 & 27, February 10 & 24, March 31, and April 14 &28 (Dates are subject to change; check the online calendar for confirmation.)

Fee: Members FREE, $18 Non-Members (for the series) ; CBE Members please complete the online registration form, or contact the office if you prefer. Non-members are welcome; contact the office with any questions or to register.

Making Prayer Real and Mastering the Liturgy

Taught by Rabbi Michelle “Mina” Goldsmith
Wednesdays Oct-May, 11 AM - 12:00 PM
Begins October 10 (Check the online calendar for exceptions- note this continuing series is no longer accepting new participants

Hebrew prayer is at the heart of Shabbat, Jewish holidays, and daily communion with God.  Yet many Jews, who learned how to read but not understand Hebrew as children, are uncomfortable with the Hebrew prayer service.  In this course we will learn the structure of the prayer service, learn how to sing the Hebrew prayers, and study the history and meaning of the prayers for us today.  Join us as we learn how to make prayer real and joyful.  For this course we will use Siddur Lev Shalem. Students will need to purchase a copy, available at CBE for $36. 

Fee: $36 Members, $54 Non-Members (for the series) ; CBE Members please complete the online registration form, or contact the office if you prefer. Non-members are welcome; contact the office with any questions or to register.

Introduction to Judaism

Ongoing Class with Rabbi Michelle “Mina” Goldsmith
Designated Sundays

Judaism is the dynamic and inspirational religion of the Jewish people, going back over 3,500 years. This tradition encompasses Jewish philosophy, thought, culture, and observance. In this introductory course, those who seeking to enhance their Jewish knowledge, including those who are contemplating conversion, those married to someone Jewish, those from an assimilated Jewish background, and those who were actively raised as Jews, can learn about the wisdom and beauty of this wonderful tradition and oldest of the monotheistic faiths.    

Through an intensive study of the holidays and life-cycle including readings from the Hebrew Bible, rabbinic literature, the prayer-book, and philosophy texts, students will enhance their understanding of Jewish history, culture, and tradition.


Fee: $54 Members, $108 Non-members (for the series); please contact Rabbi Mina for more information.

Pirkei Avot Shabbat Study Session

Taught by Rabbi Michelle “Mina” Goldsmith
Following services on the 1st and 3rd Shabbat of every month (see calendar for exceptions).

Pirkei Avot, also known as Ethics of the Fathers, is the only the only tractate from the Mishnah that does not contain commentary in the Gemara as part of the Talmud.  Rather, this five chapter book stands on its own as one of the greatest collections of rabbinic teachings on ethics, spirituality, morality, Jewish history, and Torah study.  Utilizing Pirkei Avot Lev Shalem, which contains commentaries from Rabbi Gordon Tucker and Rabbi Tamar Elad-Appelbaum, two leaders of the Conservative/Masorti movement, we engage in lively analysis and discussion of these ancient yet eternally relevant teachings.  

No fee, no RSVP required.

Adult B'nai Mitzvah

Instrutor: Morah Gwen Sloan
Schedule TBD

Adult B’nai Mitzvah:  Are you an adult who can already read 
Hebrew words and did not celebrate Bar or Bat Mitzvah? Then this life cycle event class is for you.  Learn to chant Torah and possibly Haftarah, as well as learning to chant all or parts of the Torah and Musaf services, culminating in a group Adult B’nai Mitzvah on a Saturday morning. Class time, start date, and B’nai Mitzvah date will be determined based upon needs of participants and instructor’s schedule.  Minimum enrollment of 4.  

Fee: $360. Interested?  Contact Morah Gwen Sloan.  Please note the upcoming class is full; contact Morah Gwen Sloan to indicate interest in a future session.

Photo of the torah and yad on the bemaTorah Trope for Adults

Instructor: David Cerny
On Demand

Have you always wanted to learn how to chant from a Torah scroll? Are you a parent of an upcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah who would like to participate in your child's lifecycle event? In 8 easy sessions, this class will teach you all you need to know to chant Torah at Shabbat and Holiday services, here or at other synagogues. Final class project will be to learn to chant an actual Torah reading for a Shabbat service.   ABILITY TO READ HEBREW REQUIRED!

Fee: $72 Members/ $90 Non-Members (for the series). This 8-session course will start after a minimum number of students express interest. Contact David Cerny to express your interest in taking this class.

Better Balance and Mobility

CBE is again partnering with Sequoia Health & Fitness, Inc. to help members improve balance and reduce the number of falls and related injuries.
Being able to balance without the fear of falling keeps you mobile and independent allowing you to travel, play with the grandkids, shop and live your life to the fullest. 

This program uses physical therapy based exercises to strengthen  key muscles and improve balance. Our classes are appropriate for all ages and abilities. Comfy clothing and a good pair of non-slip shoes are all that is needed. Canes, walkers and wheelchairs welcome. Classes meet at CBE Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30 PM and Thursdays from 6:30-7:30 PM. 

Cost and schedule vary; for more information or to sign up please call the CBE office at 703-860-4515 ext 101.

Learn to Lift

Instructor: Josh Winston
On Demand

Want to be more involved in Saturday morning services? Want to perform a regular mitzvah as Hagbah? In one session learn the 7 techniques needed to lift the Torah during services on Saturday morning or holidays. If you can lift 20 lbs. you can lift the Torah! All ages and genders welcome, no Hebrew skills needed. Questions? Contact Josh Winston.

Fee: No Charge - RSVP to Josh Winston to express interest in a future date.

Learn to Be a Bimah Gabbai

Instructor: David Cerny
On Demand

What is a Bimah Gabbai, you ask? A Bimah Gabbai ensures a smooth running Torah service. Responsibilities include making sure that the Torah is read correctly and assisting those given a Torah honor with performing that honor. Each Torah service requires 2 people to perform this function. Prerequisites: Must be able to read Hebrew and follow those chanting Torah; familiarity with the Torah service is helpful, but not required; being able to chant Torah is helpful, but not required. A willingness to volunteer on an occasional basis would be most appreciated.

Fee: No Charge -  This 1 or 2-session course is held whenever several people express interest. Contact David Cerny to express your interest in taking this class.

Mashgiach Class

Instructors: Rabbi Mina and Ellen MacDonald
On Demand

Become a certified supervisor of Kashrut in the CBE kitchen.

Fee: No Charge - Course is held whenever several people express interest. Contact the Adult Program Co-Chairs to express your interest in taking this class.

Registration for Adult Education Classes

CBE Members may use the online registration form, or contact the office if you prefer.  Non-members are welcomecontact the office via email or call (703)860-4515 x101 with any questions and to register.