Fall Prevention and Balance Classes

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Balance, Balance and More Balance

We are currently offering a Tai Chi-inspired Moving for Better Balance fall prevention and balance program at CBE. This 12-week program has been shown to improve balance and reduce falls by up to 55%, leading to improved health, well-being and quality of life. In the classes, modeled after the CDC's STEADI program, participants learn effective ways to practice your balance in the comfort of your own home utilizing techniques drawn from Tai Chi, physical therapy and the sports arena.

This program is led by Woody McMahon, who has taught the popular Posture Perfect!TM classes at CBE for several years. Classes are open to the community; the cost is subsidized for CBE members by the Rabbi Steve and Andrea Glazer Eldercare Assistance Fund.

Balance Class Students Doing ExercisesWhat's Next? November 10 Intro Workshops

Intro & Screening Workshops for the next "semester!" Please join us at CBE on Thursday, November 10 at 1:00 PM or 6:30 PM to explore this program!

These free introduction & screening workshops will help you decide whether to participate in the next “semester” of the special Centers for Disease Control (CDC) fall prevention program of workshops and classes to be held at CBE beginning in December or January. This program uses a modified form of Tai Chi to help improve balance and strengthen key muscles. The cost of the class will again be subsidized for CBE members by the Rabbi Steve and Andrea Glazer Eldercare Assistance Fund. 

To learn more or RSVP for the free workshops, please contact  Linda Eisinger at 703-860-4515 ext. 106 or [email protected] or Woody McMahon at [email protected] or 703.628.2880.    

Why Balance?

Good balance is one of the most important factors in healthy ageing. Being able to balance without the fear of falling allows you to remain independent and do the things you want to do such as traveling, shopping and living your life to the fullest. Fortunately with the right kind of fall prevention education and balance training, falling does not need to be an inevitable part of aging. It is easier than you think to prevent falls and preserve your quality of life and independence.  

1 in 3 Americans aged 65+ falls every year. Sadly, falls are the leading cause of non-fatal and fatal injuries as well as hospitalization for older adults.

"Since it is a requirement from God that the body of a person be kept healthy and intact…it is therefore necessary to avoid things that tend to injure your body, and to acquire habits that make the body healthy and sound." (Kitzur Shulchan Arukh 32:1)

Generally in your early fifties (but it can happen sooner) your balance can slowly start to decline mostly in part to increased sitting times. Spending more of your time sitting weakens the balance muscles eventually leading to significant balance and stability problems. Fortunately, special balance training activities are available that can help reverse your decline and improve your balance, strength, stability and confidence.

Even if you don't like regular exercise, making the time in your busy life to practice your balance is a real lifesaver. The nice part about it is that balance activities also strengthen your legs and hips helping you stay more mobile, making walking easier and getting out to have fun more enjoyable.

More Info

To learn more go to http://sequoiahealth.com/movingforbetterbalance. If you are interested and/or have additional questions about this program, please contact Linda Eisinger at [email protected] or 703-860-4515 ext 106, or Woody McMahon at [email protected] or 703.628.2880.