Endowment Activity at CBE

December, 2013 Shofar Article
David Hillelsohn, 2013-14 Endowment Committee Chair

2013 brought a number of exciting milestones for the CBE Endowment that are worth sharing with the congregation. One of these events was our first significant gift to the General Endowment Fund from a recently deceased congregant. There have been some ongoing donations to the General Endowment Fund, but this was the first bequest of consequence.

The funds were donated from the estate of a congregant who had joined CBE for 3 or 4 years without participating in any synagogue related events. Then, over time, she began attending the Rabbi’s Thursday night classes, and while very quiet, had started participating in class more and more over the years. When she passed away, she had only distant family, and the Rabbi was one of the first people to be called. She was a Jew by choice, and found a great connection at CBE. The gift will live on, as only interest earning from the principal can be used for congregational needs.

The second milestone of the year was the Educational Endowment Fund has created enough earnings to assist financially with the Celebration of Learning and the Artists in Residence programs. CBE activities that meet the Educational Endowment Fund charter guidelines are eligible to be supported, and so we were able to underwrite the Stacy Beyer concert held in conjunction with Rabbi Mina’s installation.

Please take note when you see the “Supported by the CBE Endowment” in event releases so you can see the impact of contributions from generous donors, and how those funds can enhance the programming and experience at CBE. We are working on establishing a new goal for the CBE Endowment to include the vision that Rabbi Mina has for us. Over the coming months, you’ll see expanded dialogue about where the CBE Endowments are now, and where we hope to be in the coming years.

When the funds are available, we can really do some great things at CBE. During the coming year, we will be educating potential donors regarding how the endowments are invested and how the monies are used to make them more comfortable in considering CBE for their Endowment/Estate giving. We are currently evaluating our investment approach to ensure we’re on target with current market conditions, and consistent with the core philosophy of preserving Endowment Fund principal.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington supports CBE and continues to offer counseling on ways to manage our endowments effectively. While the Federation does offer investment pooling, in the past we have not participated in that program. We will explore the options available to us through the
Federation as we look to make the CBE Endowment and the CBE community strong for generations to come.

Do you have any questions about the Endowment Funds currently available? Want to get involved in the investment dialogue or consider contributing to the Endowment via donation or bequest? Contact Melissa Landau, Endowment Chair or Linda Eisinger via email or at 703-860-4515 ext 106.