EZ Publicity

CBE's One-Stop Publicity Tool

The EZ Publicity Tool allows anyone planning an event or program at CBE to report the Who-What-Where-When details, select where the news should go, send any attachments via email, and the Communications Committee takes care of the rest! (Special instructions for Bar/Bat Mitzvah projects.)

Before submitting the EZ Publicity Form, please be sure your event is correctly listed on the CBE Master Calendar. If not, please go to the calendar and submit your date request and event details there. Please consult the CBE Calendar Guide as you do so; it contains both policy and technical guidance on submitting calendar items.  If a correction is needed, please contact [email protected] with the needed information. Once the calendar is complete, come on back to EZ Publicity. We encourage you to review the Guide to Communications at CBE online as you complete this form.

We request that you fill out EZ Publicity Form below at least six weeks prior to your event.  If you have questions or need help using this form, please contact Lee Altman, Communications Chair or Susan Berger, Cybermaven.

Frequently-Asked Questions

EZ Publicity Form

STOP! Before submitting the EZ Publicity Form, please be sure your event is correctly listed on the CBE Master Calendar, if it is a dated event. If not, see the second paragraph on this page (above) for instructions.

Leave blank if this is a program without specific dates.
Leave blank if no cost.
Leave blank if not applicable.
For event/program questions and/or RSVP.
If you have a bethemeth.org email address, please use it here. Otherwise enter your personal email address (to protect your privacy, we will make a contact form that will send to your personal email address.)
For internal questions only; will only be used in publicity if included in the description of the event/program. (Personal phone numbers are not posted on the CBE Website.)
If the contact above is not the person sending the information, please enter your name here in case there are questions about how to post this event/program (for internal use only)
If the contact above is not the person sending the information, please enter your email address here to receive the confirmation of your submission.
Please give a brief description of your event (20-50 words). Please be sure to include HERE the date, time, place, cost if any, how to sign up, RSVP deadline, contact for questions. If you're asking for a Webpage for the event, insert a blank for the URL. (Subject to editing.)
Optional: If not right away, please include this starting the week of:
Needed for online RSVP form or for major/community events. The Cybermaven will provide you with the URL when available.
Note: In addition to an online form, you may wish to consider a downloadable version for non-members and those who prefer to pay by check -- see next selection.

Please send your PowerPoint slide, in "landscape" (horizontal) orientation IN POWERPOINT (not Word or Publisher), to [email protected]. These will be shown on the TV monitor in the main lobby and in the school wing entrance. If you do not have PowerPoint, please request help in the comments section below. NOTE: we have changed our displays to use wide-screen (16x9) format! Please prepare your slides using this format. If you send "4x3" format (consistent with 8 1/2 x 11 landscape), we will copy it onto the wider format but there will be wide blank spaces on both sides and/or the format may not be consistent with what you sent. 

Please submit your article by the 5th of the month prior to publication (maximum 300 words.) Please sure to include ALL information such as date, time, place, cost and how to RSVP and/or pay. If you've requested a separate Webpage, insert a blank for the URL.
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