Jewish Org Activity

Leaders & Active Participants in Jewish Organizations, We’d Like to Recognize You!

Are you a leader or active participant in a local, national or international Jewish organization? We’d like to feature your involvement briefly in a future Shofar, as a way of recognizing your efforts and exposing other CBE members to the wealth of Jewish organizations in our area, the U.S. and the world.

Share your experience using the form below, and if you have a photo of you participating, or that symbolizes the organization's activities, please email it to [email protected]. (You’ll have a chance to review the article before it’s published.)

Please contact [email protected] or call (703) 860-4515 ext 102 with any questions or suggestions. 

Thank you for sharing!

Form for Shofar Feature

Name(s) of CBE member(s) participating with this organization
If you have a photo of yourself participating with this organization, or another that symbolizes the organization (and is not copyrighted!), we'd like to include it in the Shofar article!
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