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See Your Portion With & Without Vowels
(Online Tikkun) -- Enter the Chapter and Verse numbers of your portion, and see two columns laid out like the Tikkun. You can also listen to audio. Lots of options on this site! -- Shows Hebrew with & without vowels, translation and transliteration and also audio. You need to know the name of the week's portion and the verse numbers of your reading to use this. 

What's a Geniza? How do I bring things to it?

What's a Geniza? A Geniza is a place we collect documents with G-d's name and damaged holy books that are to be disposed by burying. You can read more about it in the Jewish Encyclopedia or

Where is OUR Geniza? We have two: one is in the CBE main office -- a big red crate on the bookshelf near the door to Rabbi Mina's office. There's also a Geniza that looks like a purple crate in the religious school office, on top of the mailboxes (see pictures below.)

Just bring your used Torah-reading printouts or photocopies (or damaged prayerbooks) during office or religious school hours.

Note: because we're all concerned about respecting the name of G-d, please consider practicing your portion by viewing it in your Tikkun or Chumash and on the computer screen -- then you won't need to worry about the Geniza at all.

Geniza in main CBE office

Geniza in Synagogue Office 
Geniza in school office

Geniza in School Office