Religious School Director

Meet Ellie Klein

Shalom Religious School Chevre!

I am looking forward to getting to know each student and their families this year. I love meeting new people and celebrating the beauty of Judaism together. Our religious school curriculum will be growing and changing in new ways over the next few years. My goal is to help children and teens see the world through “Jewish eyes,” to make Shabbat and Jewish holidays part of their lives, and to encourage the practice of Judaism in their homes.

We will engage in discussions, projects, and inquiries to pursue knowledge of our heritage and what that means to us, living Jewish lives in northern Virginia today. I am setting a tone of ethical treatment of ourselves and others, as well as placing value on exploration of topics that will elicit a variety of opinions. We are guided by and committed to Conservative Judaism and Jewish life, and we make every effort to ensure our children feel welcome, included, and naturally compelled to create a positive association and attachment to their Jewish educational experience.


Ellie Klein holds dual masters degrees in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies and Jewish Professional Leadership from Brandeis University, Hornstein Program, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Her undergraduate degree is in English and Secondary Education from Geneseo College. Ellie spent 7 years in the classroom as an English and Language Arts teacher, and during that time she spent her summers staffing at Camp Young Judaea, Texas. She especially enjoyed teaching 7th grade for learners with dyslexia at The Charles Armstrong School in northern California.

Recently, Ellie has worked in educational administration and institutional leadership at The Weber School (Atlanta, GA), The Jewish Community High School of Connecticut (Fairfield, CT), and Brandeis University’s BIMA and Genesis summer “taste of college life” residential programs. Outside of the office, Ellie loves yoga, Crossfit, hiking, cooking, reading and watching “Parks and Recreation.” She tries to do all of these activities with her beloved husband, 2 children, and Havanese dog, Clyde.

Here is the complete Press Release announcing Ellie's appointment

You can reach Ellie at [email protected] or (703)860-4515 ext 111.