Shalach Manot for Purim

Fulfill the mitzvah of sending Shalach Manot (Purim treats) to CBE friends and family.

Share the tradition of sending Shalach Manot (Purim food bags) to CBE friends and family. It’s simple: tell us who is on your list to receive a gourmet gift bag, and we will take care of the rest.

Cost: Only $18 for the first bag; $2 for each bag thereafter

This year our theme for the Shalach Manot gift bags is Beth Emeth Feeds your Body, Feeds your Soul. Every congregant family will receive ONE bag. It will include a scroll with a list of names of everyone who sent you Shalach Manot, plus hamantashen, gourmet treats and some special themed items for you to send to your CBE friends, family, community, business associates, Israel and the world. 



Online: Go to and use the login and instructions in your mailing*


On paper: Send/bring your paper form* with with check payable to CBE (sorry, can't bill to your account), to 12523 Lawyers Road, Herndon, VA 20171, Attn: Shalach Manot.

*Mailings with logins were sent to all Beth Emeth members and BEECC families, and should arrive approximately February 12.
Didn't receive your mailing, or can't find it, or would like a paper form & list? Contact the CBE office for your login or a paper form, and use these instructions to order.

How Does it work?

  1. You check off each congregant family or staff member you want to send Purim goodies to. You can also check different groups to make it easy.
  2. Each recipient receives ONE gourmet gift bag. It will include a scroll with a list of names of everyone who sent them Shalach Manot.
  3. Cost is $18 for your first recipient and $2 for each additional. If you choose the reciprocity option, each added recipient is $3.
  4. Send to someone not on the list: You can order Shalach Manot for someone who is not on the enclosed list at a cost of $18 per bag. You are responsible for picking up the bag from CBE no later than March 10th and delivering it, personally. This is a great way to send Purim greetings to all friends and family.

Pickup Options

  • At the Purim Carnival on March 8th
  • At the Megillah Reading on March 9th
  • BEECC and Religious School Families: Shalach Manot will be sent home with your children
  • Drop by the synagogue office March 9-31 during business hours (M-Th 9-5; Fri 9-2:30)
  • Or call the office and make arrangements for a more convenient time

***Please note*** We will only be delivering bags to the elderly or the sick, who cannot make arrangements to pick them up. 

The Fine Print

  • Ordering online gives you the option of including a free personal greeting to each recipient. All online orders will be billed to your CBE account or payable by check.
  • Reciprocity Option: If you check the Reciprocity Option, we will automatically add your name to anyone not on your list who sends you a bag. You will be billed $3 for each reciprocal name after we deliver the gift bags.
  • If you don't have your mailing, please contact the office for your login, and download the Instructions for Online Ordering, or request that a copy of the paper form and list be sent.


Contact the CBE office.

More About Shalach Manot

What Is Shalach Manot?

  • Shalach Manot is a gift of food (and other small items) that we give to friends on Purim. Each Jew is obligated to send at least one Shalach Manot gift.

Who sends Shalach Manot?

  • We all can send Shalach Manot using CBE’s easy Shalach Manot ordering system.
  • Children can send to their BEECC and religious school classmates and teachers, adults can send to all their friends! Ordering online allows you to send personal messages to each recipient.

Why do we send Shalach Manot?

  • It is one of the three obligations we are required to fulfill on the holiday of Purim.
  • The source for this mitzvah is found in the Megillah. "Mordechai... enjoined the [Jews] to make the fourteenth day of the month of Adar... feasting and joy, and sending portions one to another, and gifts to the poor."