Shofar Submission Guide

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If you have already read the guidelines below, please send your submission to The Shofar editor.

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If yours is not a regular column or event announcement, check with The Shofar editor to discuss your proposed topic.


The goal of our Shofar Editor and Communications Committee is to publish a quality newsletter that fully meets the needs of the congregants. These needs grow as the congregation grows, not just in number but in the type of events that we write about. The openness of the submission process allows a free flow of ideas, but this openness has now created the need for improvements within our publication and editing practices. The number of pages within our publication has increased, along with the complexity of the publication process, printing costs, and postage. These guidelines address these issues.
Submission Date

The deadline for submissions is the 5th day of the month preceding the month of publication, except when the 5th falls on Shabbat or Yom Tov. We cannot guarantee that late submissions will be included. If there are special circumstances and you cannot meet the deadline, you are requested to contact the editor ASAP. Only when submissions are received on time is there is sufficient time for editing and organizing the content of the issue. Staying on schedule also helps to keep production costs down.

We also do not recommend publicizing your planned events more than two months in advance. Articles will appear only once. If you wish to have your article appear in consecutive issues you should make that clear in your submission.

Appropriate Topics

The newsletter is the congregation's vehicle for providing information about upcoming events, holidays, and services. It also includes articles that are meant to show recognition to congregants for life cycle events and achievements, and is one way of thanking those who have volunteered and contributed to our synagogue. Articles that rehash previous events are discouraged. By the time the current issue is received these events are old news - thank yous are okay, but submitters should try to mention everyone in one short list.

Articles not having a direct impact on CBE will be included only if space permits (i.e. Hadassah, Federation, Foundation for Jewish Studies, United Synagogue, etc.). We understand that many of these community events would be of interest to our congregants but we must give priority to our synagogue's events and news.


Articles should be concise and checked for accuracy of your facts, prior to sending them to us. Submitters should briefly summarize the topic or event and include the pertinent information: date; time; place; group sponsoring event; contact person's name, phone number, and e-mail address; and cost if any. The editor will use her discretion to shorten the articles to fit the allotted space.

Special Inserts

One-page inserts add to the cost of production and mailing. Please consider other ways to communicate your information --- mailings, weekly announcements, Facebook, posters, flyers etc. You can ask the editor to condense your information into a smaller box to appear in the text. If you must submit a flyer, you or the committee or group sponsoring the notice will be asked to cover the additional postage and printing fees.

Submission Media

All submissions must be made in electronic format rather than hardcopy. E-mail is the preferred means of receiving material. Please send your articles as attachments or as text in the body of your e-mail message. Attachments can be accepted in Microsoft Word only.

Please contact The Shofar editor if you have any questions, comments, problems, etc.