Long Range Planning Initiative

Latest Status

April 11, 2018 (Email to the Congregation)

Subject: CBE Long Range Planning Update

Dear Friends,

Long Range Planning is moving along, and we are nearing the conclusion of the data-gathering phase. A summary of the survey is available on the CBE website. 

Community Conversations were held November 2017 through February 2018. These have been discussions in congregants' homes led by trained facilitators to explore themes from the congregational survey and to provide a more personal way to share how you envision the future of our community.

Approximately 100 members attended 15+ Conversations in members' homes and at CBE. Participants have said they welcomed the opportunity to share ideas and play a role in the planning process. Two more specific gatherings are being planned for teens and for new members.
Many thanks to all who have opened their homes to host a Community Conversation:
  • Diane and Mark Novick
  • Sheri and David Cerny
  • Ellyn and Mark Grimley
  • Monica and Jeremy Epstein
  • Ellyn and Bill Hirsch
  • Robyn and Stan Feuerberg
  • Carin Gendell and Steve Benjamin
  • Joanne and Paul Levine
  • Bettina and Marty Forman
  • Pam and Keith Rubin
And, a heartfelt thank you to our facilitators and recorders:
  • Diane Novick
  • Pam Rubin
  • Keith Rubin
  • Jane Torman
  • Shirley Gross
  • Jay Myerson
  • Stan Feuerberg
  • Suzanne Stluka
  • Judy Bergman
  • Marty Zelman
  • Leslie Lesch
  • Jay Myerson
  • Kate Brown
  • Wendy DiLisi
A HUGE thank you to Keith Rubin, Aaron Schulman and Jay Myerson for their professional expertise in the data-gathering process, including developing the congregational survey and analyzing the data and to Robyn Feuerberg for coordinating our conversations.

As a result of the data and feedback we have received, we have formed specific Task Forces made up of congregants and staff. The Task Forces are focusing on five areas that have been noted consistently as needing specific direction:
  1. Leadership & Governance
  2. Member Engagement
  3. Congregational Communications
  4. Ritual
  5. Finance, Operations & Facilities
Task Forces began working in March and will continue through May to chart a specific course of action in each of the above areas. More on the Task Forces will be coming in future communications.
Thank you to everyone who has participated in the data gathering, whether through personal interviews, the survey or in a Community Conversation.  As always, if you have feedback or suggestions, please contact:
Jay Myerson ([email protected])
Keith Rubin ([email protected])
Aaron Schulman ([email protected])
The Long Range Planning Committee


December 31, 2017 (Email to the Congregation)

Subject: Be Heard in 2018

Dear Friends,

Periodically, successful organizations engage in a long term plan review. Congregation Beth Emeth has done this in the past and it is time to do so again. The goal of this effort is to engage the Congregation in dialogue, focusing not on the Congregation's challenges of the next week, month or even year, but rather to examine our Congregation's mission and to define our vision for where we would like the Congregation to be three, five, ten years from now. Based on initial surveys and conversations, CBE is meeting many of our congregants' needs today. But life is never static and we are developing this plan together so that CBE will meet your family's and our community's future needs. 

Putting thoughts together before discussionThe Long Range Planning Committee from Beth Emeth has been hosting focus groups in an effort to engage our members in discussions to use in structuring the future plans of our congregation. The small group sessions are intended to provide individual Congregation members with the opportunity to share their perspectives in friendly, small meetings, typically of about 10 people. 

Invites to future sessions will be going out in the near future. We hope you will use this opportunity to participate in one of these groups to help shape our community's future. We want to hear everyone's voice in this review.

We are aware that your free time is valuable and that it is not always plentiful. As we said, our goal is to offer a voice to every CBE member. In addition to continuing with small group sessions in members' homes, we are going to host focus group meetings at the synagogue to provide every member an opportunity to help plan for our future. We plan to provide babysitting, snacks, and anything else you feel you need in order to participate. 

If you would like to participate in an upcoming session at the shul, please rsvp to Robyn Feuerberg with your choice of Sunday, January 14th at 11:00 am or Tuesday, January 16 at 7:00 p.m.). If those dates are not workable for you and you still want to participate, please let Robyn know as we plan to schedule additional meetings in the future.

We hope you will join us for some interesting discussion. 

The Long Range Planning Committee


December 1, 2017 (slightly modified from article appearing in the December Shofar)

In late November the Congregational Long Term Planning process entered the small group meeting phase, during which we will provide every member of the Congregation with the opportunity to participate in the discussion of what we would like the Congregation to be in 3-5 years.  We anticipate holding at least 15-20 small group sessions between now and January 10th to ensure that every member of the Congregation has the opportunity to participate in this process.

The purpose of this article is to provide an update on where we are in this process—what we have accomplished to date and what remains to be done.

Project Roadmap

Tasks initiated and completed to date

In late 2016 the Committee prepared and submitted our application to be one of just a handful of synagogues to participate in this year’s United Synagogue Sulam program for long term planning.  This included our initial internal and external research of facts related to our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges as a Congregation.

Earlier this year in June-August, we conducted and evaluated a Congregational survey.  The survey was intended to develop additional information as to perspectives within the Congregation of our strengths and weaknesses and to begin the process of engaging the membership in this year-long evaluation and dialogue.  We hoped to have at least 20-25% of the Congregation respond to the survey and this was achieved.

September and October were spent with additional information gathering through meetings with most of the committee chairs/acting chairs and some committee members who serve on one of the Beth Emeth’s nine committees.  These meetings were extremely helpful in identifying specific ideas, needs, concerns and visions that should be addressed as we work on the long-term plan.  We hope to meet by December 1st with the chairs/members of some of the committees who were not available in September or October.

The small group sessions are intended to provide individual Congregation members with the opportunity to share their perspectives in small meetings of approximately 10 individuals, a size that is hoped to facilitate participation and discussion.  Many sessions will be held in homes, with several to be held at the shul.  We conducted the first training session for the leaders (facilitators) and reporters for these meetings in October, as well as held the first small group meeting.  A second training session will be held in November.  A critical need will be for members of the Congregation to host meetings in their homes.  If you would be willing to help, please contact the office or Robyn Feuerberg or Jane Torman as soon as possible.  A special thank you to Kate Rosenberg, Hillary Hirsch, Liz Cordero and Rachel Shor for assisting with the outreach to our young professional and young family members.

Remaining Tasks and Anticipated Time Frame

We expect to conduct at least five of the small group meetings this November, with the remaining meetings to occur in December or early January. We hope to complete these meetings by mid January.    

The survey and meetings with committee leaders have identified items that will require further study, and the small group meetings will likely identify additional areas to review and research.  We will be creating Task Groups to address these items. These Task Groups will be formed by December 20th. We are planning to have these Task Groups complete their work and submit their reports by the end of February.  If you are interested in serving on a task group, please contact the office or Aaron Schulman, Keith Rubin or Jay Myerson.   

The Committee initiated work on the Congregational Vision Statement at the November Congregational Board meeting, using much of that meeting to brainstorm vision building in a session led by our United Synagogue advisor, Nadine Kochavy.  Work will continue and accelerate on the vision statement with an expectation that a draft of the Vision Statement will be submitted to the Board by April 4.  The hope is that the Final Vision Statement will be approved by the Board and presented to the Congregation by June, with implementation starting with the newly elected Board during 2018.

If you are interested in assisting with the Long Term Planning effort, please contact the office, Keith, Aaron or Jay.  If you have not received an invitation to attend a small group session by November 27th, please call the main main office (703) 860-4515 ext 101 and we will make sure that you are invited to one.

Introductory Letter


June, 2017

Dear Fellow Congregants:

Periodically, successful organizations engage in a long term plan review. Congregation Beth Emeth has done this in the past and it is time to do so again. The goal of this effort is to engage the Congregation in dialogue, focusing not on the Congregation’s challenges of the next week, month or even year, but rather to examine our Congregation’s mission and define our vision for where we would like the Congregation to be three, five, ten years from now. 

This endeavor will require the active participation not just of our chairs or committees but the entire Congregational community.

This effort is being undertaken as part of United Synagogue program known as Sulam for Strategic Planners. Its mission is to guide leaders through the process of creating a mission and vision for the future, assessing the wants and needs of their community, and developing strategies that best utilize their capacities resulting in an implementable action plan to strengthen congregations.

We anticipate that this strategic planning effort will take approximately a year to 18 months to complete and it is our current expectation to finish it by to July 1, 2018.

United Synagogue has selected six Congregations from around the United States to form a strategic planning action community to go through this process together. The other five Congregations synagogues selected to participate in the current process are: Ahavath Achim (Atlanta, Ga.), Beth Yeshurun (Houston, Tex.), Tiferet Beit Israel (Blue Bell, Pa.), Agudas Achim (Alexandria, Va.) and Orangetown Jewish Center (Orangeburg, N.Y.).Rabbi Mina and Keith Rubin attended an all-day training session in New York City in March, braving the ferocious non-blizzard. There will be a follow-on session in Atlanta in December.

It is important that everyone in the Congregation recognize that this effort is going to be a process. Currently, the core Long Term Planning Committee is recruiting task force leaders and members for the three primary task forces: Data Gathering; Mission/ Vision; Communications. Over the next twelve months there will be many discussions with staff, committee chairs, board members, trustees, at least one Congregational survey, and many small group meetings with interested Congregants. The result of this effort will be an action plan approved by the Congregation’s Board.

We anticipate that much of the fact-finding work will be performed in the coming months and will be completed by the end of the summer. Please watch for a Congregational survey that is expected to be distributed shortly, and for your invitations to small group discussions over the coming few months.

The current core committee includes co-chairs Jay Myerson and Keith Rubin, Marty Zelman, Rabbi Mina, Fran Besalel, Leslie Lesch, Linda Eisinger, and Alex Stillman. Additional members will be added as the process progresses, to include former long term planning members and other past, current, and future congregational leaders and members.

As the chairs, we will be coordinating this effort and facilitating the Congregational discussion. We will be providing regular updates at Board meetings and providing progress communications to keep the entire Congregation informed as we will need the active involvement of the entire Congregation for this effort to succeed.

We look forward to working with you in this process and we will be sharing information and updates starting in June at http://bethemeth.org/strategic-planning.

Jay Myerson and Keith Rubin
Chairs, Long Range Planning Committee