Who's Who

Stained Glass Window ImageCBE Leadership 2017-2018

Executive Committee

    President: Marty Zelman (Contact, President's Page)
    Executive Vice President: Fran Besalel
    Administrative Vice President: Debbie Katz
    Vice President for Development: Marc Friedman
    Vice President for Ritual: Ellyn Hirsch
    Vice President for Education: Debra David
    Vice President for Finance/Treasurer: Marc Wishkoff
    Secretary: Rachel Foster
    Past President: Leslie Lesch

Committee Chairs 

    Adult Program: Suzanne Stluka and Diane Lowenthal
    BEECC: Kate Brown
    Communications & Publicity: Debbie Katz (acting)
    Endowment: Marc Friedman (acting)
    Finance and Budget: Marc Wishkoff (acting)
    Food Service: Ellyn Soefer & Susan Moskowitz
    Fundraising: David Lieberman
    House and Facilities: Hank Pohl
    Long Range Planning: Jay Myerson and Keith Rubin
    Membership: Fran Belsalel (acting)
    Ritual/Holiday: Phil Noyovitz and Josh Winston
    Ritual/Lifecycle: Susan Dilles
    Ritual/Shabbat: Steve Baker
    School: Donna Foster-Paley
    Social Action and Community Relations: Janet and Ron Klayton 
    Technology: Dan Moldover
    At-Large: Vacant
    Youth Activities: Felice Schulz
    Sisterhood President: Jennifer DeAngelis and Kyla Hartunian
    Men's Club President: Jamie MacDonald
    BEECC Parents' Association President: Marissa Appelbaum


    Mark Novick
    Janice Chartoff
    Monica Epstein

Synagogue Administration

    Rabbi: Michelle L. Goldsmith (Contact, Rabbi Mina's Corner)
    Rabbi Emeritus: Steven M. Glazer (Contact, Rabbi Emeritus Page)
    Executive Director: Linda Eisinger
    Religious School Director: Ita Mandel
    Interim BEECC Director: Robin Cohen
    Youth Director: Sara Pollack
    Finance Manager: Sandra Mitchell
    Communications Manager and Webmaster: Susan Berger
    Administrator: James Tackett
    Shofar Editor: Joanne Levine
    General info: [email protected]