Yom HaShoah & Yellow Candle

Yom Ha'Shoah Starts Wednesday Evening, April 11, 2018

Each year, the CBE Men’s Club sends out a remembrance candle to each congregant family. We hope that you will once again join with the other members of CBE and your family on Wednesday evening, April 11th, erev Yom HaShoah, and light this candle. The act of kindling this flame and reading the enclosed meditation can be a moving ritual to remind us of what happened to our people not so long ago.

In the spirit of remembrance, we encourage you to give tzedakah in memory to those who did not survive the Holocaust. Through your generosity using the form below, we can continue to acquire and distribute the yellow candles each and every year.  Net proceeds received from the Yom HaShoah Yellow Candle Program will be used to fund Holocaust and other related programming and study in both the religious school and the synagogue.

The 2018 Northern Virginia Holocaust Commemoration

Sunday, April 8, 2018

This year, in addition to religious school programming at the synagogue, CBE encourages participation in the Northern Virginia Holocaust Commemoration: Hate Speech & the Holocaust, at the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia. Teen program starts at 4:30 PM; adult programs start at 5:00 PM with the main community commemoration at 7:00 PM. More Info.


Yom Ha'Shoah Meditation

The Blessing of the Yellow Candle

As I light this Yellow Candle, I vow never to forget the lives of the Jewish men, women and children who are symbolized by this flame.  They were tortured and brutalized by human beings who acted like beasts; their lives taken in cruelty.  May we be inspired to learn more about our six million brothers and sisters as individuals and as communities and to recall their memories throughout the year.  May we recall not only the terror of their deaths, but also the splendor of their lives.  May the memory of their lives inspire us to hallow our own lives and to live meaningful Jewish lives so that we may help to insure that part of who they were shall endure always.

                                                                                      -- Rabbi Jules Harlow

Online Donation Form

Using the form below, your donation will be added to your next CBE statement. If you prefer to make your contribution by mail or are not a CBE member, please print out this form and return it to the synagogue with a check made payable to CBE Men’s Club.

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