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Hazak is the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism’s (USCJ’s) organization that supports programming for adults for people 55+.  More specifically at Beth Emeth, HAZAK is a congenial group for all interested adults of an uncertain age who want to continue to grow their Jewish and World understanding in a friendly and welcoming environment.  HAZAK members do not need to be CBE members.

We meet in the Social Hall from 1:00 to 3:00 on the third Tuesday of each month. We listen to a wide variety of excellent speakers, often discussing their latest books, and, of course, we nosh and schmooze.  We celebrate holidays and take trips.  We will begin our 2016-2017 HAZAK programming in September and run through June.  Please Join us!

Need a Ride? 

Do you need a ride to come to CBE services and events (including Hazak)? Can you help provide rides? As a congregation, we want to make sure that all congregants wishing to participate in any CBE event can do so even if they cannot drive themselves. So, as of July 1 we started a new Mitzvah Brigade Ride Board to match members who need a ride with those who can help. We are primarily using an online signup at www.tinyurl.com/CBE-Rides. You can also request a ride by phoning the office at 703-860-4515 ext 101.

Join Hazak

Have you joined? Have you renewed your membership? Don't miss out. Dues are $18.00; checks payable to CBE Hazak. Click here to download and print the membership form.

The name Hazak means "Strong," and is also made up of the first Hebrew letters of the words:

Hazak logo

Hochmah: Wisdom
Ziknah: Maturity
Kadima: Looking Ahead


Questions About Hazak?

Contact Ted Benjamin, [email protected]. Ted also welcomes ideas for future speakers.

Upcoming Hazak Events

This year we have lined up an impressive roster of experts on timely topics, most with some Jewish connection. Many of our speakers share their knowledge along with their own unique and fascinating personal stories. Note: All of these programs are subject to change if speakers become unavailable. (See also: HAZAK Events on Interactive Calendar)

DateGuest Speaker and Topic
October 17, 2017

Chaplain Michael Bloom: American Jewish Military History; and Lincoln and the Jews

We will learn:

  • The special circumstances in which Jews started serving to protect our nation.
  • The well documented fact that Jews have served in the Armed Forces in at least the same percentage as our percentage of the population.
  • The key role Lincoln played in two major issues affecting Jews in The Civil War.
  • Some of the unique opportunities available to Jews in Uniform in the Military District of Washington.

Chaplain Michael Bloom is the National Deputy Chaplain of the Jewish War Veterans, the chaplain of the NMAJMH (National Museum of American Jewish Military History) and the chairman of the General Wingate Memorial (at which Rabbi Goldsmith spoke this past year), located at Arlington National Cemetery. Chaplain Bloom Received was ordained (Semicha) in December 2016. Chaplain Bloom is the author of several books on national security, law enforcement, Judaism and humor. He is also a teacher, cantor and Torah reader at various communities the Greater Washington DC area. He has been Head Docent and Historian (for a decade) at the Sixth and I Historic Synagogue. Other accomplishments include writing for Walt Disney Pictures and Office Director at The US Treasury Department.

November 21, 2017

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the 6-day War that began on June 6, 1967 we will be showing an excellent documentary film about the war. The film is just under 2 hrs, providing insights and details about:

  • The events leading to the start of the war
  • The amazing logistical and military tactics employed by the IDF
  • The many IDF victories including the Sinai, Golan Heights and of course the liberation of Jerusalem
  • The international response from the USSR and the USA
  • The immediate aftermath of the war on Israel and the entire Middle East.

We will try to have CBE members who lived in Israel during this momentous time to discuss their experiences.  We will also share our own individual memories and thoughts.  

December 19, 2017

Professor Stephen Ruth: Getting to Know the Great Heroes and Villains of the Old Testament

The cast of Old Testament characters numbers in the thousands—patriarchs, judges, kings, prophets, prostitutes, musicians, priests, farmers, merchants, generals, hunters, soldiers and many more. This discussion will focus on some of the best- known of these: heroic women like Sarah, Deborah, Huldah, Jael, Ruth and Esther; the Patriarchs from Adam to Joseph; Moses and Joshua; David and Solomon; the good and bad kings (and one queen) of Judah and Israel; Major Prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel); post-exile leaders like Ezra and Nehemiah. The approach will be descriptive and historical, not doctrinal. The famous figures of the Bible will be examined in the context of their stories and themes.

Dr. Stephen Ruth is Professor of Public Policy at George Mason University and director of the International Center for Applied Studies in Information Technology (ICASIT). As director of ICASIT, Professor Ruth has received nearly thirty grant and contract awards and has also served as Associate Director of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s $2 million Internet Technology Innovation Center project, which linked Virginia’s university research centers to the high tech businesses in the state. His international IT projects cover over twenty sites in Africa, Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe. Dr. Ruth was a Distinguished Lecturer for the Association for Computing Machinery for ten years and was selected for two senior Fulbright lectureships, both in Argentina. He has received a Distinguished Professor award at George Mason University, and was a Virginia Outstanding Professor honoree.

Dr. Ruth received his BS from the U.S. Naval Academy and MS from the Navy Postgraduate School, and served twenty- three years in the Navy, retiring with the rank of Captain. His PhD is from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He is author or co-author of over one hundred published articles and four books.

January 16, 2018

Cantor Hinda Labovitz: Elie Wiesel - Professor, Scholar

Cantor Hinda Tz. Eisen Labovitz is the Cantor at Ohr Kodesh which is a Conservative congregation located in Chevy Chase. She achieved ordination and a masters degree in Judaic studies at Hebrew College in Newton, MA in June of 2014. Cantor Labovitz is the two-time recipient of the Al Goldberg Scholarship in Jewish Music, and upon graduation, she also received the Israel Pollack Award for Excellence in Judaic Studies from Hebrew College.  She is also the 2013-2014 recipient of the Gideon Klein Scholarship from Northeastern University, for which she dedicated a year of independent study of the cabaret at the Westerbork concentration camp in the Netherlands.

Cantor Labovitz served as part-time ba’alat t'filah and tutor at Congregation Kehillath Israel in Brookline, MA, and as the assistant to the conductor for the Zamir Chorale of Boston, where she also served as Mary Wolfman Epstein Conducting Fellow (studying conducting under maestro Dr. Joshua Jacobson) and sang alto for eight years. She also served as Vocal Coach for the 8th grade play, Aladdin, at Solomon Schechter in Boston in 2014.

Following her graduation from Boston University with a B.A. in Religion and a concentration in Special Education, Cantor Labovitz served as the Ritual Director at Temple Emanu-El in Providence, RI for three years and as Youth and Community Educator at Temple Aliyah in Needham, MA for one. She attended and worked at Ramah camps in the Berkshires, Wisconsin, and New England.

February 20, 2018

Liat Lisha (JCCNV Shlicha): Topic coming soon

Liat is 23 years old and was born and raised in Ashdod, Israel to a family of Moroccan descent. 

Liat is a Web Fraud Content Analyst for IBM in Tel-Aviv, where she also works for the non-profit SheCodes, a group that aims to bring gender equality to the Israeli Hi-Tech industry. She initiated the opening of a SheCodes branch in her IBM office. Liat served as an Intelligence Analyst in the IDF for three years in the Israeli Intelligence Corps — 8200 unit. She was the head of an intelligence team of 12 soldiers. Liat left the service as Sergeant First Class. 

As a teen, Liat was chosen by the Ministry of Education to take part in a summer program called Seeds of Peace. This program brought together Israeli, Palestinian, American, Egyptian, and Jordanian teens to have an open dialogue about tolerance and acceptance. She continues to work with this group as a project manager.

March 20, 2018

Michael Willner: The Life of Eddie Willner – A Survival Story

April 17, 2018

Gail Greenberg: My Search for My Family’s Sephardic Roots

May 15, 2018

More info coming soon

June 19, 2018

Film: Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy plus a live piano performance


From Generation to Generation

L'dor vador—from generation to generation—
I pass to you
Not the giddy joy of success,
But the lump in the throat the signals
The wisdom to speak softly in a fragile world.
Through these finger tips
Pass sensual gifts—
The feel of sand between the toes,
The eye that captures
The flight of the gull at sunset,
Take them, child of my child—
The ability to grow inside the mind,
To change, to forgive, to love.
Take them,
And when you grow old,
Bequeath them l'dor vador,
For these are the things that remain worthwhile,
That make life worth living.

Poem by S. Anne Sostrom