Megan's Muse

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An Annual Creative Arts Competition for CBE Confirmation Students to Honor the Life of Megan Miriam Berman 

Megan's Muse is an annual creative arts competition for current Congregation Beth Emeth (CBE) Confirmation students, sponsored by CBE's Sisterhood. Its purpose is to stimulate creative thought and expression as inspired by Judaic writings.

Each year a "theme" is chosen by a panel of judges, and a quote or verse is chosen from traditional or non-traditional Jewish writings. Entries are judged by the Confirmation student's ability to convey their understanding and interpretation of the theme via a creative medium.

Winners were announced at Confirmation on May 19, 2017. The winner of Megan's Muse receives a $500 award, and the the judges have the option to award more than one. Second prize, if awarded, is $250. The hope of Sisterhood is that the winner(s) will use this award to further enrich themselves spiritually, creatively, or academically. You can view the competition rules and application.

Theme 2017

Then the Lord said to Moses. “Why do you cry out to Me? Tell the Israelites to go forward. And you lift up your rod and hold out your arm over the sea and split it, so that the Israelites may march into the sea on dry ground.”  -- Exodus 14:15-16

Rabbi Judah said to [Rabbi Meir], "This is not what happened, rather, this [tribe] said, 'I will not be the first to go down to the sea,' and this one said, 'I will not be the first to go down to the sea.' (Hosea 12:1) Then Nachshon ben Aminadav sprang forward and went down first to the sea. As Psalm 114:3 says, 'The sea saw [him], and fled.'" -- Sotah 36B-37A

2017 Submissions

***First Prize***

The Ripple Effect

What Does it Mean to be Brave?

Imagine your biggest fear.  A fear that surrounds you like a black hole swallowing a planet; like a starving vulture devouring a rodent.  Imagine immersing yourself in this fear by choice – for the unlikely, uncertain hope of saving others.  Would you do it?

Nahshon did.

His fear of water exhausted his thoughts until the quiet hours of night slowly crept to morning.  His wishes consisted only of escaping from what is clear and calm, yet corrosive.  When faced with his most immense fear as the Red Sea refused to split, he took the risk of his life for the sake of others.

Nahshon is brave.

This stream of water flowing over parting rocks represents Nahshon’s bravery.  Just as the water flows from its origin to the rocks below it, Nahshon’s bold character flows into each generation of Jews, provoking the bravery in us all.


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The Ripple Effect — Gabi Shapo


***Honorable Mention***

Red Sea Word Cloud

Red Sea Word Cloud — Seth Richards

Trust, Faith, Belief

Trust, Faith, Belief — Noah Katzman


Be The Change You Want To Be

Be The Change You Want To Be — Ari Loggia


The Piano's Sea Song

The Piano's Sea Song — Adam Moldover


Parting of the Sea

Parting of the Sea - Sydney Morse


Be a Leader


Take the first step and be a leader

Take the plunge, don’t be afraid

Don’t sit around like a bottom feeder

You’d always regret the decision you’d made

When everyone else is scared, be brave

When they are all weak, be strong

Facing these attributes the Red Sea gave

And now we have a new song

The song of the sea sings about glory

The Israelites crossed, the Egyptians drowned

And then our people were finally free

This biblical story is so profound


One man walked with bravery

One man brought us out of slavery

Be a Leader — Nathan Moskowitz

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith — Erica Weiss

Courage Can Be Found Anywhere

Some people are big. Some people are small.

Some people are short.  Some people are tall.

Some people are strong.  Some people are weak.

Some people are loud.  Some people are meek.

Some people have confidence.  Some people don’t.

Some people will stand up for what’s right.  Some people won’t.

But it doesn’t matter what somebody looks like or how they seem,

Because even those who look strong could be playing a scheme.

It just takes one person who is willing to try,

In order to make the storms make way for blue sky.

This one person who breaks apart from the rest,

Is ultimately the one who will then pass the test.

It just takes one person with courage in their heart,

In order to make a great thing come to a great start.

So don’t always stay with the pack, feel free to be on your own,

For only then will someone’s true colors be shown.

Courage Can Be Found Anywhere — Genna Wolinsky