Our Torahs

Congregation Beth Emeth is privileged to have 6 very special Torahs:

Cerny Torah

This Torah is at Beth Emeth on indefinite loan from the Cerny family.

The Cerny Torah was originally commissioned by CBE member David Cerny's parents, William and Berta Cerny, for use in their synagogue in Skokie, IL and was dedicated there on September 25, 2011. The Torah was primarily created as a memorial for four of David's uncles and aunts and a cousin who perished during the Holocaust. It had always bothered David's parents that their siblings and nephew had no place where their names were inscribed, as they died during the war and there were no graves with a marker to commemorate them. It was as if they never existed.

As with other Torahs, the Cerny Torah has two covers – one for everyday use and one for the High Holy Days. The everyday cover has a dedication to honor David's immediate family, while the High Holy Day cover is embroidered with the names of Cerny family members who were killed during World War II.

It was David's parents’ wish that once they are no longer affiliated with the synagogue where the Torah was dedicated, the Torah should go where it can be enjoyed by someone in their family. Congregation Beth Emeth is pleased to have been chosen for this honor.Cerny Torah High Holiday Cover

A dedication for the Cerny Torah was held at Simchat Torah, September 26-27, 2013. Because this Torah has extraordinarily clear and beautiful calligraphy and the format corresponds closely to the Tikkun (the book from which we practice reading Torah), we expect to use this Torah regularly as long as we are privileged to host it at CBE.

Etz Chayim Torah

The Etz Chayim Torah was acquired in mid-2014 after the ritual committee concluded that an additional torah was needed to support the many different religious activities at CBE. Through a connection with congregant Judy Bergman, CBE purchased the Torah from the Tree of Life Congregation in Uniontown, PA. This synagogue, where Judy and fellow congregant Neil Malyn grew up, was in the process of closing and selling their assets. This Torah, while about 90 years old, is in very good condition. We first used this Torah during High Holiday services in September, 2014 and held a dedication at Simchat Torah the same year.

The Etz Chayim Torah is used in regular rotation for Shabbat and holidays.

Ohr Torah

Named for the word Or (light) embroidered on the Torah mantle, the Ohr Torah is used in regular rotation for Shabbat and holidays.

Shema Torah

Named for the words Shema Yisrael embroidered on the Torah mantle, the Shema Torah is used in regular rotation for Shabbat and holidays.

Pinchas Torah

In the past we used this Torah only for the special Pinchas portion which is read as the maftir on many holidays and on Rosh Chodesh. However, as of September, 2014 this Torah was deemed to be unkosher, and is under repair.

Czech Holocaust (Zachor) Torah

This Torah was rescued from the Holocaust and was brought to our shul in 1996. Read more about its provenance, how it came to be at Beth Emeth and how we honor the memory of the six million through this Torah.

Special Note:

Funds to purchase and repair Torahs come from the Torah Fund. With the recent purchase and forthcoming repairs, we are asking for donations to rebuild our fund. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you.